oast house

Places to stay in Rye: Playden Oasts Inn

Located on England’s South East coast, around 2 and a half hours from London, the historic fishing town of Rye has been synonymous with beachside holidays. It’s the perfect weekend away from London and we’ll show you why the Playden Oasts Inn is one of the best and most unique places to stay in Rye.

north landing

What to do in Bridlington, Yorkshire

Bridlington is a picturesque seaside village in Yorkshire. It makes one of the prettiest days out in Yorkshire and whilst not highlighted on most tourist maps, is well worth including in your Yorkshire itinerary. Find out what to do in Bridlington and why you simply must visit these beautiful seaside town.

windsor castle

A Day Trip to Windsor Castle

The Queen and her castles The Queen of England has three residences in the UK. Buckingham Palace in London, Holyrood Palace in Scotland and Windsor Castle on the outskirts of London. It could be said that Buckingham Palace is her office, Holyrood is for Scottish visits and dignitaries and that Windsor Castle is her home.