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Roman ruins in France

Lyon Roman Ruins: The Best Place to see Roman Ruins in France

When you think of Lyon, Roman ruins may not immediately come to mind. Renown for its culinary prowess, this picturesque French town, located in Central Eastern France is actually one of the best places to see Roman ruins in France. Lyon is the capital of the France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and it is the third largest town in France. Whilst in modern times, it is known as Lyon, it’s ancient name is Lugdunum it has played a pivotal role in Gaul, now France. Lyon is a city where old meets knew. As you walk through the tree lined streets, you’ll certainly feel the

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Bordeaux Wineries: A 3 Day Itinerary

It is said that what makes one’s favourite wine is whether, “it tastes good”.​With a week spare before starting my new job, I took up the opportunity to visit Bordeaux, which is perhaps the best red wine region in the world. So, after seeing a spot of good weather to be had, flights were booked, a Chateau to stay at was locked in and a plan of Chateaus to visit was drafted up.

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