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There are so many sights and wonderful things to do in Barcelona. In my opinion, enjoying Gaudi’s architecture is essential. Gaudi’s imagination goes beyond words, so I thought a photo blog fitting for such a creative mind.

It is almost impossible to visit Barcelona without coming across his inspiration. You could almost say that Gaudi is quintessentially Barcelona with his work being featured in apartment buildings, parks, houses and of course most famously, the cathedral.

Being someone who dreams quite vividly, his work made me wonder how Gaudi’s imagination worked. Did he dream his creations in waking hours or in his sleep? This I am unsure of, all I know is that his architecture is quite wondrous and certainly a place in which you can become lost for a few hours as you walk the city and take the wonder in.

Whilst I didn’t get to visit all of the Gaudi sites in Barcelona, here are three popular sites that you should include in your Barcelona intinerary. But for now you can join the adventure below.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia was Gaudi’s masterpiece. A visit to the city isn’t complete without at least walking past this iconic church. He began working on it in 1883 and it is still being built today. Whilst the interior is predominantly finished, cranes still adorn the towers and work is conducted as money is available. It was with this thought I was more than happy to pay my admission fee, which is the key source of funding to complete the project.

You will notice a gorgeous amber and green glow in the photos below. I visited at 3pm during summer, when the afternoon sun hits the golden stained glass and fills the main chamber of the cathedral with a delicious golden glow

When to visit La Sagrada Familia

You will notice a gorgeous amber and green glow in the photos below. I visited at 3pm during summer, when the afternoon sun hits the golden stained glass and fills the main chamber of the cathedral with a delicious golden glow. If you visit in the morning, the opposite window lights up and you can basque in a blue green glow instead.

If you wish the visit the inside ot the cathedral, and oh we recommend you do, book a guided tour. Not only will you skip the line (even the skip the line line has a line, yes that is a lot of lines!), but you’ll be guided by a passionate guide who will share lots of facts with you and point out the meaning behind the different elements in the building. Well worth the extra few Euros.

Casa Battlo Barcelona

Casa Battlo

I came upon Casa Battló by chance. I had departed the bus a few stops before my hotel so I could enjoy the main street and its architecture by foot. It immediately caught my eye and after a little hesitation at the €22.50 entry fee, I bit the bullet and got inline.

Like many other attractions I was offered an audio guide. This however, was a guide like no other. In true Gaudi style it had an intereactive screen like an iPhone which you could hold up in each room and showed you superimposed images in each space. There were turtles swimming up the aquatic inspired staircase and furniture in the living room to name a few.

My jaw was fixed in an open position as I walked through Gaudi’s former home, which can only be described as wondrous. Parts of it seemed alive and I marvelled at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory like atrium that ascended all floors and was domed with a marvellous glass roof.

Ascending to the roof, I saw why they often refer to this building as the ‘dragon building’ and after doing a double take of my luggage decided against a print before heading back to my hotel.

Parc ​Güell

Parc Guell has its origins in 1900 and was originally planned as a living community. Today it is an open air park filled with tiled and architectural wonders. There is also a house on the site that belonged to Gaudi and gives some insight into what the original concept for the land would have looked like if it had eventuated.

Parc Guell is very busy during summer, so book ahead, or arrive early to ensure your entry. An early arrival will give you plenty of time to continue to explore the city and perhaps visit one of Barcelona’s more unusual attractions like it’s beach front ice bar!

Feeling inspired?

If you would like some more ideas on how to spend your time in Barcelona, check out A Pretty Wild World’s article, A Barcelona Travelogue or Travelling Tom‘s article The Definitive Guide to Barcelona. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, you may want to take a day trip to Montserrat and take the cable car to the peak. 

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  1. Barcelona is so lovely and beautiful! I love the photographs that you posted along with your trip! These are breathtaking!

  2. i’m loving the colours and those structures! Barcelona is on my bucketlist would love to see them in person hopefully next year!

  3. Krystel @ Planning The Magic

    I haven’t been to Spain at all and it wasn’t too high on the list but wow how that has changed! These pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing!

  4. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have yet to cross the big pond but it is on my bucket list. I would LOVE to experience this area and all it had to offer.

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