A Local’s Guide to the Best Cherry Blossoms in Melbourne

Cherry blossoms in Melbourne
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If you love cherry blossoms then some of the best cherry blossoms in Australia. In fact, they are one of the best trips from Melbourne in spring. The best cherry blossoms in Melbourne in September, however if you are visiting Melbourne in October there are still places you can enjoy the famous white blossom trees.

As local’s we adore the Australian cherry blossom season and have created this comprehensive guide so you can experience the best Melbourne blossom.

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Cherry blossoms in Melbourne

See fields of cherry blossoms in Melbourne at Cherry Hill Orchards Blossom Festival

The Yarra Valley region is famous for its wine, but come spring it’s home to some of the best flowers in Melbourne. The Cherry Hill Orchards blossom festival is one of the most popular Melbourne attractions in spring. 

The Yarra Valley, Melbourne is just 45 minutes from the CBD. Located in Wandin East, the orchard opens its gates for two weeks so the public can enjoy the beautiful blossoms. In Victoria cherry blossoms are at their best in September, so the festival is held towards the mid of the month. 

If you’re looking for sakura flowers in Melbourne, this is the closest you’ll get. In addition to the beautiful cherry blossoms, the festival also hosts food trucks, face painting, masterclasses (such as photography). The rolling lawn offers the beautiful views that you’d expect from a day trip to the Yarra Valley with games set out for families to play.

The space to roam, beautiful flowers and family friendly vibe make it one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids. It is also the biggest cherry blossom festival Australia wide.

Cherry blossom Melbourne

Enjoy cherry blossom in Melbourne well into October at the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

Whilst September is the peak time to enjoy cherry blossom flowers in Australia, a Dandenong ranges day tour is just what you need if you are visiting Melbourne in October. The dandenongs are a cooler climate due to their altitude. This means that these Victorian cherry blossoms often don’t bloom until much later in the Melbourne spring.

The Dandenong ranges, Mebourne are located an hour north west of Melbourne. The Dandenongs are also home to one of the best Melbourne botanic gardens. These Melbourne gardens were formerly known as the National Rhododendron garden. Now renamed the Dandenong Ranges Botanic garden, in keeping with the broad range of species on site.

When it comes to Dandenong ranges attractions, the botanic gardens are some of the most beautiful. This is one of the only Melbourne gardens that has a dedicated cherry blossom grove. The cherry blossoms line a beautiful walkway and are underplanted with a range of daffodils.


In addition to the cherry blossom, these Melbourne gardens also feature crab apple, ornamental pear, magnolia and camellia which also bloom in spring. The botanic gardens is certainly worth a Dandenong ranges day trip and can easily be combined with a day trip to Yarra Valley.

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Dandenong ranges botanic gardens

Spot cherry blossoms on a scenic drive through the Yarra Valley

Yarra valley gardens are a hotspot of beautiful blossoms. Whilst most are not open the public, they are easily viewed from the road. Take the Eastern freeway from Melbourne and then venture on to the Warburton highway towards Seville. Wandin, Seville and the surrounding areas are noted for their orchards. 

You can enjoy a road trip on its own, or stop and visit the wonderful Yarra Valley attractions such as the Chocolaterie, Moet Chandon wines or the Alowyn gardens. Take the time to enjoy the Melbourne scenery along the way. A drive through the Yarra Valley is one of the best short trips from Melbourne.

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Cherry blossoms in Melbourne

Eat some chocolate and enjoy the blossoms at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

The most delicious stop on a Yarra Valley day tour would have to be the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice creamery. Located in Yarra Glen, chocolate and ice cream are made on site. You can even see it being made. Additionally, there is a cafe where you can stop and enjoy lunch.

The Chocolaterie has long been a favourite stop on Melbourne day trips with kids. Its huge open lawns and outdoor games keeps families coming back for more. During spring the lawn comes alive with flowering quince and pear trees. The white blossom trees frame the hills in the distance making it the perfect spot to stop and enjoy an ice cream.


Whilst they’re not technically cherry blossoms, the incredible views and sheer number of blossom trees make it a site to behold. Make this a stop on your Yarra Valley day tour to see Melbourne cherry blossom.

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Cherry blossoms in Australia

Alowyn Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne during spring.

Also located in Yarra Glen, are the Alowyn gardens.  Alowyn gardens are a nursery, cafe and ornamental garden open daily to the public. Around 1 hour from the Melbourne CBD, they’re one of the easiest Melbourne gardens to visit and can easily be added on to a Dandenong ranges day tour.

Whilst you can’t see sakura blossoms in Melbourne, you can see cherry blossoms. Additionally the gardens feature an ornamental walkway beautifully planted with crab apple trees. In spring the pink blossoms form a beautiful walkway and the perfect backdrop for your Instagram shots

In addition to the crab apple planting, make sure to explore the manicured gardens that feature blossom arches and mass plantings of a variety of blossom trees. The gardens are beautifully manicured and cared for, making them one of the prettiest gardens around Melbourne.


At the end of October, when the Melbourne cherry blossom season is ending make sure you visit for the incredible wisteria archway. Weather depending, the wisteria usually flowers for 4 weeks from the end of October. It’s a Melbourne top attraction in later spring. It’s one of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne in late spring, so set out on this one day trip from Melbourne early and beat the crowds.

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Blossom in Melbourne

Cherry blossoms in Australia

There are a multitude of beautiful gardens in Melbourne and dedicated festival where you can enjoy cherry blossom trees in Australia. A day trip to see the blossoms is one of the best trips from Melbourne for families as the gardens offer plenty of opportunity for games and exploration.

They cherry blossom viewing experiences  are also one of the most popular things to do in Melbourne with kids as the gardens are within one hour from Melbourne. Additionally, they’re extremely photogenic, so it’s an awesome opportunity to take beautiful family photos. They’re also the best day trips from Melbourne if you love a selfie!

Whilst the peak Melbourne blossom season is September, the weather and altitude means that you can enjoy blossoms in Melbourne from late August to mid October. So visit the best botanical gardens in Melbourne, pack the family into the car and head out to enjoy the spring tradition of the cherry blossom.

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Cherry blossom in Melbourne


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