3 Best Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

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Steph FigPope

Steph FigPope is a US based travel and adventure photographer. She is currently on an adventure of her own having moved across the country to further pursue her photography. Today she is giving us her top tips to help you take the best travel photos possible.

1. Pay attention to the sun

Back when I first started taking photographs, I didn’t really think about the sun when framing my shots. I soon realized that the sun means EVERYTHING! You need to work with the sun in order to get just the right lighting. With your back facing the sun, the subject of your photo will show up clearly in the natural lighting. If you take a picture at noon, that’ll look much harsher than a photo taken at the beginning or end of the day as the sun is directly overhead. I’ve had so many photos from my early trips where I can barely see anything, due to the time of day and my positioning.

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2. Do a little research

If you have a flexible schedule, it’s definitely worth planning with how the time of day will affect the view in mind. If you know you like a certain time of day (like sunrise or sunset), you can also plan to visit places that look best in that type of lighting. I planned my first visit to Canyonlands to be around sunset, having heard about the beauty that is Island of the Sky at that time of day. I’m so glad I knew about that because it was an amazing way to first visit the park.

3. Bring a portable charger

So simple, but so important. I bring so many batteries and portable chargers now, after a handful of times of not having enough power for a whole adventure – be it a night or the rest of a  trip. I’d rather carry around a little extra weight than have a dead camera in the middle of a gorgeous hike. 

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  1. These are great things to remember. The sun makes all the difference, but I’ve never thought to plan an outing around how the sun will affect the pictures.

  2. I love photography but I’ve never really gotten into travel photography. I’d love to be able to travel enough to get into it.

  3. Photography when you travel is important, it’s one of the things that will help you seize the moment and capture a memory! This are great tips and I hope those who are travelling for the first time get to see this.

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